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Group D

In response to Kai-yin Lo’s design brief, product and furniture designer Terry Yuen, spatial designer Isa Au and Hong Kong Design Institute fresh graduate So Yuen Yi teamed up to conceptualise a jewellery cabinet embodying Kai-yin Lo’s design philosophy with the guidance of design mentor Lam Wai Ming, Founder of interior design practice Design Systems Ltd. They combined natural materials such as metal, wood and stone with modern craftsmanship to create a tailor-made piece for Kai-yin Lo’s design products. Their design was produced with the assistance of May Leung (Profilia of West Germany (Far East) Ltd.) and Philip Cho (Chun Fung Construction Ltd).


Lam Wai Ming


Isa Au

So Yuen Yi

Terry Yuen


Philip Cho

May Leung


Kai-yin Lo


About the piece

Modern steel-hexagonal container, with slate curtain

Immutable yet Flexible: Jewellery Box Paying Tribute to Chinese Thinking

The cabinet is a tribute to Kai-yin Lo's jewellery pieces, an attempt to continue her fruitful understanding of the Chinese way of thinking. There is an old Chinese saying “舉重若輕,奉輕若重,乃取物之道,” implying "lifting massiveness as if it is mobile and flexible, and picking up lightness as if it is weighty and centred. This is the principle of treating objects." The design feels casual and raw, but every detail has been thoroughly thought through. Jewellery is not only decorative objects to beautify our bodies — but they are also imbued with meaning as they are touched, carried, used and passed on to the next generation. When the team created this cabinet, they were making an object, designing an event, and creating a moment. The beauty of the object becomes meaningful when it shares an intimate relationship with its owner.

The four sides of the cuboid cabinet are covered by curtains made out of modular, laser-cut slates. They are held together by steel chains bound by 3D printed, moulded plastic caps. Behind the curtains, each side of the cuboid has a necklace stands made out of hot-rolled steel sheet. The stand could be rotated in 360 degrees, which would reveal another stand. Underneath the stands levels of rotating and recessed storage spaces designed for holding rings and earrings. The drawers could also store knick-knacks, such as treasured fountain pens or photographs. The storage spaces are made out of solid wood, including cherry, maple, teak, wenge and zebra. And there is a solid cherry wood base that supports the cabinet.


Carbon steel, composite stone veneer, plastic casting



PROFILIA of West Germany (Far East) Ltd.

Video production: Jerry NG