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Group E

The design team formed by interior and industrial designer Linus Kung, lifestyle product consultant Sonia J Lui and product design graduate Dennis She took cues from architects’ drawing tubes to respond to Keith Griffiths’s design brief. With the mentoring of architect, technologist and entrepreneur James Law, they designed a portable tool for architects. It can be expanded to become a sturdy aluminium base of a temporary work station for use at construction sites. Allen Kwong (Ming Tat Hong Group Hardware Suppliers Co. Ltd.) guided them to produce the piece.


James Law


Linus Kung

Sonia J Lui

Dennis She


Allen Kwong


Keith Griffiths


About the piece


Portable Futuristic Workstations for Architects

Architects often have to visit construction sites and work with contractors/engineers in order to have a better perspective on their projects. However, construction site is never the ideal working environment due to the lacking of furnishing. What if we can help architects set up their workstation on site effortlessly? Inspired by architect’s drawing tube, the team have designed a portable base for architect teams to set up their workstation quickly with site-found objects as table top.

MORPHEUS is a portable tube that extends to become a sturdy base for a working platform. Simply release the legs from the magnetic rings and the tube will morph into a tensegrity-like structure for architects to mount a table top on. Place flat objects (e.g. scrap wood, glass, metal sheets) on top of the bases to make a table. Each top has a high friction finish in order to secure the position of the table top. The structure will be made of aluminium and finish in a mix of matte and glossy coral. The handle is finished in matte paint to offer a better grip.


Aluminium finished in a mix of matte and glossy coral