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Group H

Group H

Co-founder of Stickyline Soilworm Lai, architectural designer Sherene Ng and product design fresh graduate Rosie Yip took cues from the global phenomenon of co-working space to respond to Keith Griffiths’s design brief. Guided by Kinoshita Mui, Co-founder of ASA Innovation & Technology Ltd, they designed a desk module. The modules can be combined into a large-scale work station which facilitates users to work alone or in a group. They produced the piece with the guidance of Patrick Tin (JM Group (Hong Kong) Limited).


Kinoshita Mui


Soilworm Lai

Sherene Ng

Rosie Yip


Patrick Tin


Keith Griffiths


About the piece

The Re-union

An East-meets-West Workstation for High Efficiency

This set of workstations play with the concepts of Western and Chinese work cultures. The Chinese work culture focuses on a more individualistic and closed space, whereas Western culture signifies a more open working environment. Hence, this set of workstations hope to play with the balance of both. The arrangement of the worktables allows the flexibility of openness and privacy when needed. When an individual prefers to work alone, he/she can pull up the panel to increase privacy among the work area; at the same time, the panels can be pulled down easily to allow discussions among multiple individuals, removing the need of a meeting room. This increases the efficiency of a workplace, which as well symbolises the efficient culture of Hong Kong.


Timber, fabric, PET panel, stainless steel