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Group I

Group I

With Co-founder and Chief Designer of Giormani Kelvin Ng as their mentor, fashion designer Janko Lam, architectural designer Yan Suet Ngo and Christine Lew and Florian Wegenast, Co-founders of Studio Florian and Christine, worked together for Johanna Ho’s design brief. They broke away from the conventional anatomy of sofas and designed a seating set which can be used as a daybed or a work station. Allen Kwong (Ming Tat Hong Group Hardware Suppliers Co. Ltd.) worked as their production mentor and guided them to produce the piece.


Kelvin Ng


Janko Lam

Christine Lew

Florian Wegenast

Yan Suet Ngo


Allen Kwong


Johanna Ho


About the piece

Desk Bench Flip

Desk/Bench Combo for Modern Lifestyle and Compact Living

To design a chair that supports a modern lifestyle, adaptability, and accommodates both postures—working or relaxing—the designers have decided to give it a spin, while designing with Hong Kong in mind. The aim was to create a piece that is suitable for smaller spaces and allows for dynamic positions to maximise space, whilst creating a useful furniture piece that allows for function and style.

The ‘chair’ transforms from a bench into a desk through a ‘flip down’ mechanism. The piece accommodates the modern lifestyle, allowing for both productivity and rest. They have also utilised more sustainable materials in the design to minimise waste.


Aluminium sheet (bend-moulding), recycled fabric


Innovasia (upholstery fabric supply)