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Group J

Group J

PONG’s Founder Leo Yiu and product designer Liu Lok Yi joined Studio RYTE’s Founder Dennis Cheung and Product Design and Development Associate Whitnie Lau to elaborate Johanna Ho’s design brief into a cosy work-and-chill station with blobby shapes and warm colours. They have been guided by Founder and CEO of POSH Office Systems Eric Yim. Production mentor Huo Runzhong (Zuo Zuo Limited) guided the production of their design.


Eric Yim


Dennis Cheung

Whitnie Lau

Liu Lok Yi

Leo Yiu


Huo Runzhong


Johanna Ho


About the piece

24 + 1

Living the Extra Hour – A Chair for All Activities Throughout the Day

Modern people always find that time isn’t enough. We cannot find the time for things we truly desire and spend time with who we love. Whether you are working alone and want to slow down and relax, or you have a group collaborating on the next big thing, this chair can accommodate all.

The concept of 24+1 is inspired by Johanna Ho’s motto 25-hour lifestyle. 24 hours a day is the law of nature. However it is up to you to determine how to spend those hours to make the most out of your day for doing things that you truly love. The team reinterpret the idea of 25-hour lifestyle and come up with the “24 +1” with a dual meaning: 24 hours plus “1” (the Significant You) and gaining an extra hour (+1 ) as it answers different needs of the user through the versatility of each component.

The circular design of the chair is based on the idea of the dial and the removable cushion allows for a wide range of customization, such as allowing others to comfortably sit together. The dynamic design of the table allows users to snugly and securely fit in a wide range of devices. The table itself also represents the hand of a clock reinforcing the 25-hour lifestyle idea. When it’s time for meditation, users can adjust the rotatable screens to create personal space, all thanks to the multi-level circular structures which are providing the biggest flexibility.


100% recycled polyester fabric is used on the movable panels, with over 300,000 double rubs test and PFOA-free stain resistant; seatings with sparkles pattern are made with a mix of wool and polyester, with over 80,000 rubs test