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Group K

Joyce Liu and Kenny Wong are both recent furniture design graduates, while Ricci Wong is a self-dubbed “art-chitect” and Founder of HK Timberbank. They worked with mentor Karr Yip, a spatial and digital designer, to create a curving artistic wooden chair as a response to Chelsia Lau’s design brief. This chair is not just a functional object, but embody the possibility that thoughtful design can create a deep, emotional bond with the user and become a vital part of their life. Ricci produced the piece in his timber factory in Hong Kong.


Karr Yip


Joyce Liu

Kenny Wong

Ricci Wong


Ricci Wong


Chelsia Lau


About the piece

Floating Chair

Customising Comfort for All Gestures and Body Shapes

An excellent wooden chair is durable, hard and sustainable. With a timeless quality, it embodies the culture of a place and the memory of the owner. This design tries to demonstrate this quality and on top of that give a sense of individuality and custom-made comfortability for users. Recalling the scene of natural bamboo fluttering in the wind, we use a fixed joint at one end only to maximise the elasticity of the chair structure. Every strip of wood and steel are malleable so that the chair surface can adapt to the user’s body shape and weight, achieving comfortable and weightless support for different users.


Bent beech wood veneer seater and 8 mm thick, stainless steel with a bronze finish