Design brief by

Johanna Ho

About Johanna Ho

Johanna's fashion concept of simple, classic yet stylish with detailed craftsmanship, not only derives from her belief in the importance of the silhouette, but also from the subtle integration and balance of cross cultural influences. She owes her love of knitwear to her MA tutor at Saint Martins, the late Louise Wilson, who saw the talent in Johanna and encouraged her to follow her natural eye for interesting lines and soft feminine shapes, with a subtle insert of almost avant-garde and sculptural details. The results are contemporary classics with a Twist.

Johanna's designs are based on her philosophy: the most cherished items of clothing should be versatile and can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. Through clothing, which is unique and different, a woman can express her own individuality and personality.

Design Brief by Johanna Ho

Introduction and Background

‘The forms that I am drawn to in my work are organic. I explore curves and experiment with folding. I like my work to have a sculptural quality.

‘My approach is guided by certain priorities: sustainability in materials and technology, functionality, and seasonless design.

‘I am also interested in the role of design in our active, dynamic and ever-changing lives, especially in an urban context.

‘The piece of furniture resulting from this brief should reflect these interests and priorities.’

Furniture Typology | Key Features | Materials

‘The piece I would like to develop is a chair that supports our modern lifestyle.

‘The chair should have a certain ‘adaptability’ so that it can adjust to a range of daily human activities. Specifically, it should support both our seating postures whether we are relaxing or working.

‘In terms of form, it should reflect my preference for organic shapes and sculptural qualities.

‘I prefer natural materials.’

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