Design brief by

Kai-yin Lo

About Kai-yin Lo

With a solid background and profound appreciation of art, cultures and history, Lo Kai Yin takes the iconic forms of Chinese antiquity and reinvents them in contemporary accessories reminiscent of the cultural past and present imaginative designs. Her creations meld and reinterpret the cultural heritages of East and West in original, contemporary and usable ways. Known for her philosophy of balance through imbalance, her pieces reflect the philosophy of Yin and Yang, light and shade, fullness and void. This prominent jewellery designer, art historian and cultural consultant is also widely recognised for her innovative and stylish efforts in elevating semi-precious stones into a mainstay of jewellery design.

Lo Kai Yin’s travels in the Silk Road have been instrumental to her artistic expedition. The age-old East and Central Asian religious and cultural symbols collected along her journey are revived and modernised in her contemporary and highly wearable necklaces. Like time capsules, her Silk Road necklaces allow the global and local, ancient and modern, past and present to come together as one.

Design Brief by Kai-yin Lo

Introduction and Background

‘Design is not an instantaneous act. In my work, I design solutions to problems in daily life after careful consideration.

‘Inspired by my daily needs and desire for convenience, I would like to create a stand on a swivel. It should be easy to use and serve everyday needs.’

Furniture Typology | Key Features | Materials

‘The piece I would like to develop is a 360-degree rotating jewellery storage.

‘I am interested in creating a piece of placement and storage furniture with more than one purpose - an all-in-one space organizer for jewellery and knic-knacs.

‘I envisage a small stand on a swivel for keeping easy order and access. The design should offer visibility of objects as well as easy access.

‘The material used should be wood.’

Design Teams