Design brief by

Keith Griffiths

About Keith Griffiths

Keith Griffiths is a design leader and founder of Aedas. As an internationally respected architect and planner, he has a deep understanding of the growth of major cities and their changing markets, society and culture. Keith is passionate to create unique and timeless architecture that appropriately responds to its location and culture and meets the requirements of change and growth.

Keith has designed award-winning, successful projects for most of the leading developers in Asia and his experience includes high-rise, mixed commercial, retail and master planning as well as airport and civic buildings. His passion for design extends into his many lectures, publications and academic work upon the appropriate directions for urbanisation and cultural identity.

Design Brief by Keith Griffiths

Introduction and Background

‘Great design can only be achieved through a thorough understanding of the cultures, geographies and climate of the places that it serves. ‘In my practice, I employ both International and local staff who are deeply integrated with their local communities and places of learning. This allows us to meld the best knowledge and practice of global design to the local unique situation. ‘My own experience has enabled me to understand the importance of community and culture at a time of massive globalisation. I run my practice on a ‘Local and Global’ philosophy. ‘For this project I would like the designer to consider the similarities and differences in the design of products in China and Europe. These differences and similarities may be in traditional or modern design approaches and artefacts. ‘The final product will exemplify the multiple rich cultures of China and Europe whilst being truly modern and international. It will celebrate the importance of culture, understanding, history, geography, mythology and all the many aspects that go towards being both ‘Local and Global’.’

Furniture Typology | Key Features | Materials

‘The designer is to create a product which is of fundamental use to an Architectural Designer. It must be so useful that the Architectural Designer will treasure and use it all his/her working life. ‘Because the product is born of a thorough understanding of two Global Cultures (China and Europe) it will have a depth of relevance, meaning, charm, aesthetic, style and usage which is also Global. ‘For inspiration, please consider the different types of furniture/implements/tools that Architectural Designers have historically used to help them in their work.’

Design Teams