Kick-off Forum

Date Jul 3-4, 2019
Venue Innocentre, Hong Kong

The beginning

Project HK-UK started in Hong Kong with a kick-off forum at Innocentre, Kowloon Tong on Jul 3-4, 2019. The kick-off forum was attended by more than 100 designers, mentors, mentees, HKF&DA members and the public. We also had the honour to have the UK designers to fly to Hong Kong and share with us.

Design briefs

The 6 multidisciplinary HK designers revealed the design briefs they had set for the project in front of the HK mentors and mentees for the first time. Each of them has devised a brief which is related to their personal experience. The mentors and mentees then decided which design briefs they would like to work on.

UK Designers

The UK designers have already had a jumpstart before the HK groups. They have already finished their design. In their presentations, they shared their design philosophies with us. They have their personal takes on the design brief which may inspire the HK mentees.

Sharing by Production Mentors

On the second day of the forum, members of HKF&DA introduced their expertise and technology that may help the designers create their furniture pieces. Their production facilities are capable of prototyping interesting designs and testing the feasibility.


The HK mentors and mentees were then divided into 12 groups for the first time. They started to discussed the briefs they've received and come up with some solutions. They got to know each other and started to bounce ideas off each other. They will then embark on a series of discussions to finalize their designs.


Jul 3-4, 2019


Innocentre, Hong Kong