Project HK-UK




The Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association

Project HK-UK is a programme organised by HKF&DA.

About HKF&DA

The Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association (HKF&DA) was incepted in 1955. HKF&DA is a non-profit organization with the longest history in and most representative of the Hong Kong furniture industry.

Originally named Hong Kong Furniture Dealers and Decorators General Association, it featured a membership of primarily Hong Kong furniture retailers during the initial phase of its inauguration. Under the tireless hard work of its early members, the association continued to grow from strength to strength, as it started to recruit several Hong Kong and mainland furniture manufacturers and materials suppliers as members. Hence, from 25 December 1993, the association changed its name into the Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association and has been known as such until now.

HKF&DA now has over 300 members, among them are furniture manufacturers, dealers, retailers, materials, suppliers. Some include the representatives of several large-scale woodcraft and machinery multi-national companies. Its members come from everywhere across the nation, from Shenyang city in the north to Hainan province in the south. The greatest proportion of its members comes from Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shunde and Foshan areas in Guangdong province. The products of its member factories are retailed throughout the world. Many of them have been awarded with the Hong Kong Q- Mark Product Scheme Certification by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and the internationally recognized IS9001/9002 quality certification. Certain individual members within the Group have also been conferred the Hong Kong Top Brand from the Hong Kong Brand Development Council.

HKF&DA’s objectives are to promote the business undertakings of its industry, help facilitate import and export business for the furniture industry and help its members raise the level of technology in various areas of furniture production, jointly open up and develop markets and promote the prosperity of the furniture sector. Since its inception, HKF&DA has helped its members tapped their development potential, provided them with trade information and advisory services and regularly organize trade delegations to participate in related trade fairs and study trips to learn about the developments of the furniture business around the world. When encountered with business disputes among its members, HKF&DA will also take the initiative to mediate and settle the problems on hand.