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Simon Pengelly

About Simon Pengelly

Simon Pengelly is a prolific British furniture designer whose work strikes a balance between function and aesthetics and has a "soul". He launched Pengelly Design in 1993 and his designs for some of the world’s foremost furniture manufacturers have received numerous international awards. For this project, Pengelly designed a 360-degree rotating jewellery storage and dressing unit for Kai-yin Lo.

Kai-yin Lo X Simon Pengelly

Compact Mobile

Compact Mobile, as the name suggests, is a small, movable piece of furniture that incorporates jewellery storage, a dressing mirror, and stool.

Referencing her life-long work as a jewellery designer and cultural historian, Kai-yYin Lo set a brief for a piece of furniture that, while highly practical, is an expression of her private passions. As additional inspiration, Lo provided several historical references – a 4thth century painting, The Admonitions of the Instructress to the Court Ladies by Chinese artist Gu Kaizhi, which features a compact, upright piece of furniture incorporating a jewellery box and a mirror; and Chinese antiques in Lo’s own collection comprising modular seat and table units.

Simon Pengelly’s contemporary treatment of these historical markers is an exercise in mature, subtle design. He has proposed a simple, architectural form comprising two blocks, put together in such a way that the upper block can be simply lifted off and set down to become a stool. The base block, which revolves, contains a myriad of features waiting to be discovered – a hidden mirror; multiple drawers and trays; delicate hooks for necklaces. By providing a designated space for every precious object and introducing the element of hiddenness, Pengelly’s design evokes the ritual and intimacy of the practice of ‘getting dressed.’

Long consideration has been given to the choice of materials. The piece has been made from cedar – whose fragrance adds another sense layer – with elements of rosewood, a material traditionally used in fine Chinese furniture. The drawers are lined with red silk.

Dimensions: 340W x 340D x 1100H mm

Material: Cedar, rosewood, silk


Design: Kai-yin Lo X Simon Pengelly

Production: Joined + Jointed